Nilotica (knee-lot-eeka)


This rare and luxurious butter is 100% pure certified organic, cold-pressed Nilotica (knee-lot-eeka) Shea from the subspecies Vitellaria Nilotica. Nilotica, is an extraordinary cousin of the West African subspecies. It is an anti-aging butter that aids in cell regeneration as it wraps your skin in a cocoon of moisture giving it a soft and supple appearance. While East and West African shea both offer beautiful benefits, Nilotica posses a higher Olein and essential fatty acid content.  

Use on face - Nilotica can be used as an overnight skin cream for most skin types or as a daily moisturizer.

Use on body - This rare butter easily melts into any part of your body. We suggest long and gentle strokes toward your heart.

100 % pure organic certified Ugandan Nilotica

Gentle and faintly sweet natural aroma.

Handmade in Los Angeles  / Amber Glass Jar / All organic, vegan, cruelty free ingredients/TSA approved travel sized.

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