Blue Door Organics Nilotica (knee-lot-eeka) Body Butter


Blue Door Organics Organic Anti-Aging Shea Body Butter

Who doesn't love a buzzy new skincare ingredient? The miracle root extracts, exotic botanical oils, and moisture-retaining acids are great! But there's one ingredient we will always rely on shea butter

Used for centuries to relieve thirst skin and dullness, shea butter is a natural ingredient that offers amazing benefits for melanin skin and all skin types. Blue Door Organics celebrates clean beauty; that's why we have created an organic formula to give your skin the shine it deserves.

Blue Door Organics' Nilotica Shea Body Butter is a 100% pure certified organic, cold-pressed Nilotica (knee-lot-eeka) Shea from the subspecies Vitellaria Nilotica. It is an anti-aging butter that regenerates skin cells as it wraps your skin in a cocoon of moisture, giving it a soft and supple appearance. 

Although the East and West African shea both offer excellent benefits, Nilotica contains a higher Olein and essential fatty acid content for luminous and beautiful skin. Our Nilotica Shea Body Butter seals water into the skin, making it an ideal ingredient for treating dry skin.

If you have a dry ashy-greyish appearance, splatter this organic moisturizer to look and feel healthier. What's even more amazing is that this nourishing butter sinks in quickly without leaving a sticky feel. Your skin will stay soft and hydrated every day. 

Get the skin you love to feel!

Use on face - Nilotica can be used as an overnight skin cream for most skin types or as a daily moisturizer.

Use on body - This rare butter easily melts into any part of your body. We suggest long and gentle strokes toward your heart.

  • Nilotica Shea Body Butter stimulates collagen production, while the vitamins A and E found in this butter keep your skin soft, radiant, and hydrated.
  • The fatty acids of Nilotica Shea Body Butter provide relief from itchy and dry skin.
  • Handmade in Los Angeles without added chemicals and fillers
  • It is perfect for your back, neck, legs, torso, and feet.
  • It's a great option for men and women alike.

100 % pure organic certified Ugandan Nilotica

Gentle and faintly sweet natural aroma.

Handmade in Los Angeles  / Amber Glass Jar / All organic, vegan, cruelty free ingredients/TSA approved travel sized.

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